On Disappointment

Throughout my high school and college years I’ve faced many disappointments. I’ve been disappointed in myself and in other people. I’ve been disappointed because I didn’t get something I wanted and worked really hard for. I’ve been let down by others and I’ve let myself down. It seems like my life is a constant cycle of working really hard and then being disappointed because it doesn’t work in my favor.

When things like this happen, it really takes a toll on my self esteem. I sit in silence and replay these events over and over in my head, wondering where it all went wrong. I honestly don’t know, other than that I have really bad luck.

My mom always tells me that something better will come out of not getting something I really wanted and worked hard for. However, sometimes it’s hard to believe her. Not getting something makes me feel like a failure and it is a horrible feeling. I always seem to focus on the negative aspects of my life rather than the positive. I really need to learn to stop doing that and turn the negatives into positives.

For example: I wasn’t accepted into my number one college choice. I cried for days and hated myself for a really long time. I did not even like the college I chose when I toured it and only went because they gave me the most money. But, if I didn’t go to Suffolk I wouldn’t have met my absolute best friends and future roommates. I wouldn’t have joined a sorority and became a more confident person. I wouldn’t have gained independence and I wouldn’t have decided I would eventually want to go to law school.

So many positive aspects of my life came from not getting into my top choice and now when I think back, I’m really grateful for it.

Although being disappointed sucks, maybe my mom is right…Something better always comes from it. I just need to remember that 🙂


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