Things I've been loving Lately

Hey friends! I know I’ve been gone for a while but hopefully this post will make up for it! I’ll be sure to fill you all in on what’s been going on in my life soon! XO

1. Sweet Caroline Candle by Chowdaheadz 

  I’ve been lighting this candle I was given as a gift every night before I go to bed and it smells amazing! It is described as “fresh, warm, and sweet; strawberry pink, sugary cotton candy…May this bring you to the seats at Fenway singing Sweet Caroline. So good, so good!” After looking up the brand name to provide the link I’ve discovered the candles are 100% soy and they’re based around Boston! So cool and now I want to purchase more!

2. The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents on Netflix

This documentary series is so interesting! It explains the history of the United States through the Presidents starting from the beginning! If you love history/documentaries than this is for you!

3. Raspberry-Lime Sparkling Water

  I’ve been loving drinking this when I’m craving a fizzy drink and it’s so much better for me than soda!

4. Naked Basics Palette

I’ve had this palette for song long and it’s been a part of my everyday eye look since November! I’m obsessed and I use it so often than I dropped and and the black eyeshadow cracked and got into every other shadow! I love using Naked 2 in my crease! I think it’s better than the original naked eye shadow!

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