WIAW: The "I forgot to pack a lunch" Post

It been a while, hasn’t it? This past week has been a little…weird for me. I’ve been in this really weird funk and I couldn’t seem to snap myself out of it. Does turning 21 make you more emotional? If so, I’ve been living up to that!

Today I actually feel a LOT better. Maybe I just needed a week to recuperate from the one drink I had on my birthday #turndownforwhat? But in all seriousness, the funk seems to slowly be fading away. I hope it’s completely gone soon. I hate feeling down.

Anyway, one of my all-time favorite posts to read are WIAW posts (What I Ate Wednesday) and although it’s Wednesday night, I decided to share today’s eats with you!

Breakfast consisted of two hard boiled eggs and a cup of grapes! I know, super classy in my plastic cups but I had to get to work and I was running late!


At work I ate a few pieces of chocolate. I forgot to pack a lunch so while I had a mental breakdown because the printer wouldn’t work (and I was the only one in the office) I snacked on a few pieces from the bowl on my Boss’ desk! I only shed a few million tears.

Dinner was chicken cutlets with rice and green beans! It was so delicious and hit the spot after going hours without food! 

And for dessert, half a chocolate chip cookie from a local place. The dough is heaven and it may be my new favorite cookie ever.

Okay! It’s time for me to watch some more Parenthood! I’m obsessed!  

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  1. That cookie looks delicious!!

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