July Goals

I cannot believe it is already July! We are already half-way through 2015. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? How does time go by so quickly?! I don’t understand!

Today I’m recapping my June goals and sharing July’s! I’ll admit, June didn’t go so well so I’m picking up the slack this month!

June’s Goals:

1. Read 4 books// Didn’t even get through one this month which is SO unlike me!

2. Start a YouTube channel// made the account, no videos though

3. Celebrate my birthday with some of my favorite people// Shoutout to my mom for throwing me a surprise party with my family! I found out about it but it’s the thought that counts, right?

4. Cross at least 3 things off of my 101 in 1001 List! // Only crossed off one thing and it was “be in a show again”. Our Road Show just wrapped up the other night and I’m so sad it’s over!

5. Start a NEW show on Netflix, not one I’ve already watched a hundred times (i.e no Parks and Rec, The Office, New Girl, HIMYM, or Friends) SOMETHING NEW.// I’m actually so proud of myself because I actually did this one!!!! I started the month off watching Parks and Rec but I finally got around to starting Parenthood after it being on “my list” for months now! I’m on season 3 and I LOVE IT! Such a good show you guys!

6. Blog at least twice a week// Not even close.

July’s Goals:

1. No heat on my hair the whole month

2. Eat a salad or drink a smoothie every single day

3. Read 4 books

4. Do a DIY

5. Write in my journal 10 times

6. Blog at least 10 times

Alright, I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow!

Happy July!

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