Instagram Update {June}

Here are all of the pictures I posted in June on Instagram! I hope to do these updates every month!

  {June 4, 2015} // Birthday gift from my best friend!

  {June 7, 2015} // I have so many blue nail polishes but I need more 

  {June 9, 2015} // My first drink! 21st birthday 🙂

  {June 13, 2015} // Cousins on the boat at the boat party!

  {June 19, 2015} // Sending Devin and Nicole off to prom!

  {June 19, 2015} // Sun, Moon, and Stars

  {June 22, 2015} // My new puppy, Toby!

  {June 29, 2015} // I liked this picture

What is your favorite picture from the month of June?

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