August Goals + July Recap!

Can you believe it’s already August 1st?! Summer FLEW by! I’m not complaining, I love Fall and Winter so much and I can’t wait for the holidays! Here is a recap of July’s Goals!

1. No heat on my hair the whole month// DONE!

2. Eat a salad or drink a smoothie every single day // 15 out of 31 days!

3. Read 4 books// Done! I’ll be posting a recap of books soon butttttttt here is what I read: Never Never part 1, Never Never part 2, The Girl on the Train, Moonglass and a few more!

4. Do a DIY// Re-did an old bulletin board! Pictures soon 🙂

5. Write in my journal 10 times // 4 times :/ My life isn’t too interesting at the moment

6. Blog at least 10 times// 6 times!! More than half so that’s a start 🙂

Okay, on to August!!

1. Read 4 Books

2. Post 7 Videos to my Youtube Channel (there are none so far)
— If you want to go ahead and subscribe my user name is just Kaila Mallard —

3. Blog 10 times

4. Have everything packed a week before I move to my apartment

5. Go for a brisk walk every weeknight (unless I have somewhere to be)

6. Go in the pool once

7. Do squats every single day

8. 10 day detox

9. Read before bed every night

YAY FOR GOALS! See you all soon 🙂


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