Instagram Update {July}

Like most bloggers, Instagram is my favorite form of social media! I love posting pictures and seeing what everyone else posts! Here are the pictures I posted on Instagram throughout the month of July! 

  {July 2, 2015} // When your mom puts your baby picture on wine bottles when you turn 21 

  {July 8, 2015} // A throwback picture to beautiful Boston sunsets (Taken in April) 

  {July 11, 2015} // Beautiful day on the lake at my friend’s house!

  {July 13, 2015} // Toby is the cutest!

  {July 23, 2015} // These dogs are PERFECT

  {July 24, 2015} // a good old selfie 

  {July 28, 2015} // cake batter ice cream is delicious! 

  {July 30, 2015} // #tbt picture of me and my best friend! 

  {July 31, 2015} // Some motivation to stay strong! 

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