9 Ways to Prepare for the Upcoming Semester!

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The new school year is slowly creeping up on us! I don’t know about you but I’m soooo excited to get back. I love to learn and I love routine! I cannot wait. However, counting down the days makes me a bit anxious and I like to always be as prepared as possible! Here are some tips to help you prepare for the upcoming semester RIGHT NOW!

1. Delete old computer files
Before the semester starts, I go through my documents on my computer and delete assignments I know I wont need anymore. I keep major papers but other small assignments get deleted. Then I make new folders for each class and get rid of last semesters folders.
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2. Go through old supplies
If you find yourself short on money (and lets be honest, all of us college kids are B R O K E) seeing if you can reuse old supplies can be beneficial. If your binders are in good condition or you didn’t use up all of your notebooks try and reuse them! If you have pens and pencils left over, keep using them!

3. Buy other supplies that you need
Once you go through your old supplies make a list of things you need. Ran out of notecards? Add it to the list! Don’t add things you already have and then head out to Target or Walmart and buy what you need! Target has some really cute notebooks this year and they’re all pretty inexpensive! AND BUY A PLANNER. IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO HAVE A PLANNER!

4. Email your professors about the syllabus
This can’t really work for high school students but in college  byour Professor basically uses their syllabus as their Bible. I like to wait until August and then email them asking if the syllabus is ready. If it is, great! Start adding important deadlines into your planner. If not, it’s okay! There is no harm in asking!

5. Create a tentative schedule
Once you know what classes you’re taking and have other activities like work and clubs figured out, create a tentative daily schedule and weekly schedule. On your daily schedule include things like working out, showering, studying, class time, work, etc. On you’re weekly schedule include times to do laundry, clean your dorm, sorority/club meetings, etc. Once you have a tentative schedule it will be easier to figure out times you are able to do homework and study.

6. Create a resume
I already have a resume and I keep an updated copy of it and a general copy of my cover letter on my computer. You never know when you will need it and it’s always great to have a resume ready! You never know when a job or internship opportunity make come up and you always want to be prepared.

7. Go through your clothes
You’re moving into a dorm room that has little to no storage for anything, let alone your hundreds of clothing items. Go through your closet and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in six months (unless you didn’t wear it because it’s seasonal and it doesn’t make sense to wear a sweater in 90 degree weather). Then either donate all of the clothes or try and resell them for a profit.

8. Clean out your backpack
Let’s be honest here, you probably haven’t touched your backpack since the last day of classes, right? If so, we’re in the same boat. Go through your backpack and get rid of old papers and whatever else in there? (Gum rappers, anyone??).

These are some easy ways to help you prepare for the upcoming semester! Hopefully once these are done, you’ll feel a little less stressed and more excited to start the school year!

Do you have anything you like to do to prepare before the semester starts?

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