Marketstreet Lynnfield {+ A Life Update}

(AKA my new favorite place ever)

Last week my parents were on vacation and after having three wakes and 2 funerals (we had a death in the family, a very close family friend, and my mom’s friend from high school all pass away this past week while on vacation. It was a very rough week for us) they decided we needed just one day of family time. 

I had never been to the Marketplace before but my parents have and they loved it! I now know why!

I was excited because I knew they had a Pinkberry and a Francesca’s but once I got there I saw so many amazing stores. I went and shopped in Sephora and PINK and then went into almost every store there. 

I bought 2 pairs of the campus pants, also know as the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn, and Naked Smokey by Urban Decay! I can’t wait to play with it more! It’s stunning!  

The whole place is so open. The weather was beautiful and while I waited for my family to finish up I sat outside and drank a Peach Green Tea Lemonade (which is delicious, btw).  

If you’re from the area and know of The Hilltop SteakHouse this may interest you: To the left of this picture is a grassy area that is home to the Hilltop Cows now that it has been torn down! 

We also went to King’s to bowl and the food there was delicious!    

There’s a candy store there too and you best believe I bought Bean Boozled. We did it. It was just as bad as everyone on YouTube says. But worth the experience! 

Okay onto some more random updates! I like to do these just to document my life for myself mostly! That’s why I post updates even if most people don’t care! I want to look back in a few months or a year and remember these days!

After seven years we finally went to see my grandmother and uncle’s graves. It was sad but also kind of beautiful. I miss them but I know they’re in a better place.

I deleted my old Instagram and made a new one. I needed a fresh start so make sure to go follow me! My username is Kaila.mallard

Also, am I the only one who goes through weird cereal phases? Like I go for months never wanting to eat a bowl and then one morning I crave Special K and then I want to eat it for every meal for a week!   

And finally, my hair has gotten pretty long since cutting it above my shoulders before Christmas. I’m so desperate for it to grow that I haven’t put heat on it in 45 days. I hope it’s helping. Now I just need it to grow back to my belly button like before and I’ll be happy!   

Alright folks, it’s 5:15 am on Sunday morning as I write this because apparently waking up at 3am and not falling back asleep is my new norm! I’m gonna get a few more hours of shut eye before I wake up and drink a LOT of coffee. 


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