Those Who Love Us Never Truly Leave Us


When I was younger I always believed that once someone died that was it. They were gone forever and you would have to continue your everyday lives without them. It’s a horrible thought and one that 9-year-old me should not have been thinking.

Years later, I realized that was completely false. A week after losing my uncle to cancer, I had a dream that I was driving with my dad and brother and I looked over in the car next to us and it was my uncle. He was waving and smiling at me, he looked so happy and peaceful, and then he drove away. I was 13 when I had that dream and it changed my outlook on death completely.

Of course, I never want to lose loved ones. It is the worst thing you can go through. I’ve had my fair share of loss and it really is so hard to get through. It takes a lot of time and although we never get over it, the pain kind of numbs

Death is a goodbye, but not completely. I know that my loved ones are still here with me every single day. They look out for me and protect me against this cruel world we live in. I cannot see them, I cannot hear them but I can feel their presence in my heart.

I’ve had multiple dreams where my grammy has visited me and she would let me know she was okay. I always wake up knowing I’m being watched over by her. It is a comforting feeling. I know many people don’t let these signs into their hearts, but once you realize they are still with you, it’s a great feeling.

Some believe that death is the final goodbye and we never will see our loved ones again. I don’t believe that, I CANNOT believe that. Knowing I may see them again is what keeps me going day after day. I refuse to believe that, because I need to believe in something. And I choose to believe that my loved ones still live on in my heart.

So, like Sirius Black tells Harry Potter “The ones that love us never really leave us. And you can always find them here” and points to his heart.  We have to remember that they live on in us forever. And I take comfort in knowing that.

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