A Tour of the Old State House

I’ve always been obsessed with History. It has been my favorite school subject since it was introduced into our curriculum and was even my major freshman year of college. I’m so intrigued by our history and take every opportunity to learn and explore more of it. So, I decided to write today’s post a little late so I could share this experience with all of you! Hope you don’t mind ūüėČ

Signing the Declaration of Independence at the wax museum in NY with my homeboy Ben Franklin behind me in 2013

The Old State House is located right in Downtown and for just $8.50 with a student ID I was able to take a guided tour or go by myself at my own pace. I would have done the guided tour but one had just left and the next one was at 4. I am impatient so I went on my own (which is still really fun and cool and I learned a lot!)

A little background history for you: The Old State house was built in 1713 and is one of the oldest public buildings in our country! Up until 1798 it was the seat of the Massachusetts General Court. It is Boston’s oldest surviving building open to the public. It runs a long the Freedom Trail and is also the site of the Boston Massacre! It is now open to the public as a history museum.


I went in and was given my “ticket” an ID card. I was now known as William Scott. A shoemaker who had a long beard that frightened little children. He was very skilled and went on to get his portrait painted and published along-side a poem he wrote…about his beard. I feel like I connect with him on a spiritual level. We are clearly very similar!

There were so many cool artifacts from the Revolution. There was even Tea from the Boston Tea Party on display. THAT IS SO OLD. It is sooooo cool that they preserved it!

Here are some more pictures!

¬†Then I bought this book at the end because I love random facts and I’m a sucker for books and buying things. Those gift shops get you good, let me tell ya.


¬†I’m so happy I decided to randomly do this! I’ve been wanting to since I moved to Boston freshman year, but never had the chance. It is definitely a must see for all history lovers out there!

I’m thinking the Paul Revere house is next! Have any of you been there? Let me know in the comments!

What are some other museums around Boston that I should check out?¬†Preferably¬†historic ones! All suggestions are welcomed ūüôā



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  1. Am I incredibly immature or is it Ben Franklin a little creepy looking behind you? Lol and also, I like history also. Always loved it in class and we went to the Lincoln museum in Springfield, IL once when I was younger.

    1. HAHAHA I agree! But I guess all wax figures are pretty creepy!

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