Currently {September}

Anticipating// a day where I won’t have to do any homework. I doubt this will ever happen.
Feeling// Sick and tired.

Enjoying// Being back at school. It’s crazy how much happiness it brings me!

Making// Time. I have so much going on this semester that I’m already stressed and I’ve only had three days of classes so far.

Planning// Out my week. I have a lot to do this week!

Reminiscing// On throwback songs in the car with my sisters. That playlist really hit the spot.

Buying// Adult-like things like food and light bulbs and cleaning supplies.

Watching// I started 30 Rock and even though I’ve only watched two episodes so far because I have no time I really think I’m going to like it!

Loving// how amazing my mom is. She let me complain to her at 1:45 am. She’s the best. Super grateful for her!

Hoping// To feel better by tomorrow.

Hating// How hot it still is. Bring on autumn and winter please!

Working on// Halloween costume ideas!

Wishing// that after I nap I’ll still fall asleep at a decent time tonight.

Wanting// To see Black Mass with Johnny Depp!

Needing// To see my dogs. Miss them so much 🙁

Doing// this blog post and reading for class.

Obsessing// Over Ed Sheeran of course. He made a snapchat this morning and it’s been making me cry/send a lot more snapchats than I already do!

Accessorizing// I bought a new bracelet the other day and I love it!

Have you seen Black Mass yet? Is it worth it??



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  1. Best of luck in college, it will fly by as crazy as that sounds. Enjoy it the best you can.

    1. Thank you! It already has!

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