A Lil Update for the People Who Actually Care

Here is a little photo dump life update for the people who actually care what goes on in my life!

First and clearly MOST IMPORTANT…


Now, if you know me in real life…or follow me on any form of social media, you know I am a fan of Ed (and by fan I mean completely obsessed, actual stalker, cries for days over him and only listens to his music and talks about him so much that my friends probably hate it.) But how could I not be? He plays guitar, has an angelic voice that makes me cry, is a ginger, and is perfect. So, yeah, I kind of love him more than anything.

 The night was amazing! My friend from home offered me 2 free tickets the day of the show! I spent the day before so upset that I didn’t get tickets. It was so sweet of her to think of me! I had the time of my life and he was amazing! Ed is my lifeeeeeeee.

 TPA starts recruitment tonight! I’m so excited to meet the future of our chapter! Recruitment is a 2-week long process and although it can be exhausting it is always fun and the best two weeks. Temple St. Fair kicked it off for us here at Suffolk! So much love. So high on sisterhood!

 Other than that, it has mostly been homework, classes, and sorority things every single day. Life is super busy but I love it.

More pics:

 OKAY have a fab day and see you Wednesday! xo

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