October Goals & September Recap

IT IS FINALLY MY FAVORITE MONTH OF THE YEAR! I love October and everything that comes with it. Halloween, cool weather, leaves, candy, hot chocolate, PUMPKIN, apples, E V E R Y T H I N G!

Last month was kind of a fail on my part. I’m still trying to figure out the best schedule for me to attend classes and get all of my work done without losing out on sleep, sorority life, hanging out with my friends and binge-watching Netflix.

Lets recap September!:
Create a semester syllabus // DONE
Read two books // No time 🙁
Finish Grace and Frankie // DONE
Visit another museum // Never had the chance!
Take pictures of Boston // I took pics of the Blood Moon…does that count?
Bed by 10 on school nights // hahahah what a joke. It’s funny that I actually thought this was possible.
Do not by clothes // hahahha what a joke. It’s funny that I actually thought this was possible.

Yikes….. I need to be more accountable this month!

1. Complete some of my Autumn To-Do List!

2. Read 1 Book

3. Workout 1 time a week (I need to start somewhere)

4. Stick my blog schedule for the whole month

5. Journal more

6. Squats every day

7. Complete a few 101 in 1001 items

8. Take picture around Boston


Have the besttttt October ever, friends! Lots of love!


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