Currently {October}

Anticipating// Going home for the long weekend! Can’t wait for puppy cuddles and home cooked meals!

Feeling// Drained. This has been a busy two weeks for me and it doesn’t end until Friday night.

Enjoying// The Fall season! I love it!

Making// Decorations for Fall/Halloween!

Planning// On finishing a bunch of work today. I’m so behind and I hate it!

Reminiscing// Over my timehop today. It has been one year since the Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud video premiered and I went crazy on social media a year ago today. Let’s take a moment to relive this beautiful music video (ily ed)

Buying// Halloween decor!


Loving// Cereal for breakfast. I went through a phase where I would never eat cereal but I look forward to it now!

Hoping// To get some much needed rest this weekend.

Hating// That my body goes crazy when I don’t drink any caffeine in the morning. These headaches are no fun 🙁

Working on// Lots of homework! Trying to catch up!

Wishing// I could take a nap but sadly no time!

Wanting// Hot green tea

Needing// R&R. I’m drained.

Doing// Assignments on assignments

Obsessing// Over what I’m being for Halloween! Super excited!

Accessorizing// My usual: Earrings, two rings, and necklace.

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