Fall Favorites Tag!

Fall is my absolute favorite season! So when I saw this tag floating around I knew I had to do it because fall.is.life. Here we go!!

Favorite Candle: Basically any fall-related candle is my favorite. This year I’ve been especially fond of Pumpkin Pecan Waffles by Bath and Body Works. Since we are not allowed to have candles in my apartment I’ve been using the PPW wall flower instead. And I also love Leaves! It smells exactly how you imagine fall to smell!IMG_1078 


Favorite Lip Color: To be honest, I’m much more of a chapstick girl throughout the week and only use a lip color if I’m going out. Recently, I purchased Warm Me Up by Maybelline and I adore it. It’s the perfect darkish nude color! It’s my lips but better!IMG_0537


Favorite Drink: Pumpkin Spice Latte all day every day. Call me basic, I don’t care! It tastes delicious and I enjoy it. I even bought PSL coffee creamer because I can’t live without it.IMG_9798

Favorite Blush: I switch between a NYX one that I don’t even know the name of because it’s been worn down and a Maybelline blush that I also don’t know the name of because it has been worn down. I rarely buy blush during this time of year because my cheeks are naturally rosy, especially if it’s chilly outside.
Favorite Clothing Item: I love wearing scarves during this time of year and I also love wearing beanies! Both keep me warm and cozy. However, my absolute favorite is of course fuzzy socks!
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Favorite Movie: Beetlejuice!
Favorite TV Show: Loving American Horror Story and Once Upon a Time this fall! For a comedy I’m really into Grandfathered starring John Stamos and Josh Peck! So funny!
Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Can my answer be all of it?! But no seriously, I love all Thanksgiving food. I guess if I had to pick one it would be mashed potatoes…but like…I can’t pick one soooo….
Favorite Halloween Costume: That is definitely a tough one. I have a post about a bunch of my old Halloween Costumes you can read here! It’s funny to look back and see some of the cute/weird things I have been throughout my life. My favorite though? Hmmmm… Definitely Ke$ha last year because I got to wear tons of glitter on my face and it was great!
Answer three (or all) in the comments!

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