November Goals!

Another month has come and go and to be honest, October wasn’t the greatest month of my life. With that being said, I slacked in achieving a lot of my monthly goals. However, it’s a new month and a fresh start with new goals! I’m motivated now, more than ever, to accomplish everything I write down! Lets recap last month, shall we?

1. Complete some of my Autumn To-Do List!//A few were checked off!

2. Read 1 Book//DONE!

3. Workout 1 time a week (I need to start somewhere) // No

4. Stick my blog schedule for the whole month// No

5. Journal more // Yes!

6. Squats every day // Lol try squats never??

7. Complete a few 101 in 1001 items // nope

8. Take picture around Boston // Kind of, not as many as I wanted to do but a few were taken.


Now for November:

  1. Decorate for Christmas
  2. Read 2 Books
  3. Actually get ready on the days I have classes
  4. Get all of my November homework done BEFORE Thanksgiving
  5. Take two Thursday nights this month for myself. No homework, no people, just me, some tea, a face mask and a good book.
  6. Keep up with my caffeine detox
  7. Start planning Christmas gifts for my family and friends
  8. Work out once a week

Lets hope I stick to it this month!

What are some of your November goals?

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  1. Good luck! Hope you achieve some of your ‘November goals’!

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