December Goals | Blogmas 1

Happy December 1st, all! It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrrr *cue all of the Christmas music*

I’m so excited that it’s finally my favorite month of the year! Bring on lots of Christmas movies, music, hot chocolate, gingerbread, and gift giving! 

Before I tell you all about my personal December goals (not my holiday bucket list, look out for that post tomorrow!) I’ll be recapping November! 

1. Decorate for Christmas — DONE

2. Read 2 Books — DONE

3. Actually get ready on the days I have classes — Semi-done. I tried 

4. Get all of my November homework done BEFORE Thanksgiving — DONE

5. Take two Thursday nights this month for myself. No homework, no people, just me, some tea, a face mask and a good book. — I did this on one Thursday and it was amazing.

6. Keep up with my caffeine detox — Done! I’m so proud of myself for this one. I only had caffeine four times out of thirty days!

7. Start planning Christmas gifts for my family and friends — done and done! 

8. Work out once a week– lol nah

9.EAT ALL OF THE FOOD ON THANKSGIVING AND THEN TAKE AN AMAZING NAP — DONE (except the nap which is unusual for me bc I always take a thanksgiving day nap but this year it sadly didn’t happen) 

Now onto December:

1. Read 4 books! Once finals are over I’ll be able to read as much as I want! This usually results in two-three books being read in one day #cantstopwontstop

2. Be done buying gifts before December 15th 

3. Vlogmas!! I try every year and always fail. I want to preserve these memories so I can always look back on my favorite time of the year! If you’re my friend, prepare to be vlogged😁

4. Double my Veggie intake. I already eat a lot of vegetables but I love them so I want to eat even more!

5. Complete Blogmas. Because last year was a fail, I will succeed this year.

6. Apply for a bunch of jobs. Ya girl is broke and needs some $$$$

7. Ace all of my finals. It’s been a tough semester but I know I can do this if I focus. 

Come back tomorrow for my Holiday Bucket List! Happy Blogmas!
QOTD: What are your December Goals this year? 

Holiday QOTD: When do you want your Christmas shopping to be done by?

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