2016 Resolutions

Good morning friends and happy Sunday to all of you! I can’t believe it’s already 2016! Seriously where does the time go?

Today I’m here to share my resolutions with all of you! I like making resolutions for the new year and I find that if I post them on here I’m more obligated to actually do them!

I have a few specific goals in mind for this year but my number one resolution for 2016 is to do more things that make me happy! I feel like I’m always putting off fun things because of school or work or whatever and I just need to take more time for myself so I don’t feel run down by Spring break.

So here are a few of my resolutions!

  1. PERSONAL: Be happier, take better care of myself.
  2. FITNESS: Buy a fitbit, lose weight.
  3. BOOKS: Read 52 Books, Keep up with Paper and Glam book club
  4. ORGANIZATION: Spreads every week, organize life
  5. SCHOOL: Get at least 3 A’s both semesters
  6. LIFE: Picture a day
  7. BLOG: Blog more on set schedule
  8. MONEY: Get a job, SAVE $, 52 weeks savings plan
  9. LEARN: Learn as much about history as possible.
  10. Take a “Me” day once a month

Let me know some of your resolutions in the comments below!



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