Being a Dog Mom is Hard

Yesterday at 6:15 am I woke up to bring Toby to the vet to get neutered. My poor little pup came home so out of it and started running into walls. I had such bad anxiety all day until they called to say he was out of surgery and in recovery. Not only did he have his manhood taken away (sorry but no grand pups are in my future right now) the doctor noticed he still had a bunch of his baby teeth, so to prevent infection they pulled them all out to make room for his adult teeth.   

I could have cried when I picked him up! He looked so sad but as soon as he saw me his tail started wagging and I teared up. It’s like bringing your actual child to get surgery. I honestly don’t know how I’ll be able to be a mom to actual human children when I can’t even stop my anxiety from going crazy over my dog. 

Anyway, we put an inflatable cone on him which seems to be more comfortable than the actual Coke of shame. He tried to get it off last night but today he seems to be more comfortable. He’s a pretty limber little guy so he tries to lick himself about every .24 seconds and I have to stop him and Miracle from doing it. 

We barely slept last night because Toby decided it would be fun to play at 3am and was whimpering and snoring all night. And as I write this he is finally eating. When Miracle got neutered he didn’t eat for two days so I’m really happy Toby has eaten, drank water and has gone to the bathroom since being home! My poor little guy :/ I feel so bad for him! 

So like being a dog mom is hard work. But worth it. So so worth it. And I wouldn’t trade my fur baby for the world!   

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