How-to Survive Another Intense Winter

I know last winter was rough for all of us. Snow banks taller than you, school being cancelled for days on end, no way out of the house. It was a longggg winter… and coming from me, the queen of cold weather, that says something.

I saw a commercial saying that New England was expecting a storm this upcoming weekend and it has been predicted that this winter will be another crazy one. Lots of snow, lots of cold, and lots of unpreparedness. Last year Bostonians went crazy, it’s time we get it together and conquer winter! 

Want to survive the upcoming cold months without going insane? Keep reading for my tips!

  1. Get your Gear NOW At this point in the season, snow could strike at any minute. So make sure you have a heavy winter coat, hats, gloves, scarves, snow pants, and especially water resistant snow boots that will not slip and slide when you’re walking. I was gifted bean boots and they will be my life savor this winter! 
  2. Invest in winter appropriate clothing I figure most of us in the NE area wear our winter clothes more than any other season. I love to be warm and cozy so I always make sure to have a few pairs of warm sweatpants and cozy socks! Have you heard of Cabin Socks? My mom got me a few pairs for Christmas and I’m OBSESSED! Sweatshirts are also a must to keep warm! 
  3. Make sure you stock up on non-perishable food Last year I didn’t have to worry about this because I was provided food in my dorm building. However, now that I’m in my own apartment I need to make sure I have food that will last if stores close down and I can’t buy anything. Good options include frozen veggies/fruit, crackers, eggs, cans of soup, nuts, and maybe even a few unhealthy options too (i.e. My weakness: cape cod chips). And make sure you have a few gallons of water stored away just incase! 
  4. Car Essentials If you have a car, always have an ice scraper/car cleaner in your house and in your car. If a storm strikes while you’re at school or work you will need that brush to dust off your car! I’ve also heard of sprays that you spray on the ice on your car and it literally melts it away! Both are great options and are definitely needed throughout the winter months.
  5. Buy ice melt and shovels My biggest pet peeve is seeing sidewalks that have not been shoveled and covered in ice melt! Once a storm ends and kids are back at school it’s important to clear sidewalks for the people who walk! I know how annoying shoveling is but for everyone’s safety please take this tip seriously!
  6. Buy flashlights and a wireless charger If the power goes out you will want to be able to see and still be able to charge your phones. A charger is not 100% necessary but you always want to keep your phone charged in case of an emergency! 

Winter is unavoidable here in Boston and although most people dispise it, snow will be coming. So, prepare now so you’re not shocked when a storm hits! 

Any other tips to survive snow storms? Leave them in the comments below!



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