February Goals

How is January already over? Time is literally flying by and it’s crazy to think that the first month of 2016 is already over! 

Today I’m sharing my February goals with you! I feel like you all hold me accountable so I’m always more motivated to complete goals when I post them on the blog! 

1. Workout 2x a week // It’s doable whether I want to admit it or not! 

2. No napping at all // 29 days without a nap will probably be the hardest challenge of my life but I’m trying to get on a better sleep schedule and one nap ruins it completely for me! 

3. Read 3 books // Because reading makes me happy

4. Post at least 8 times to TRLT // I have a lot of post ideas but I’ve just been too lazy to sit and write them.

5. Try a yoga class // I’ve always wanted to so why not just do it? 

6. Unsubscribe from unecessary emails // I have a lot of work to do 

7. Have a “me day” // if not I get burnt out and overwhelmed 

8. Be extremely productive on weekdays // so my weekends are free of stress 

That’s all for this month! What are some of the goals you want to accomplish in February? 

3 Replies to “February Goals”

  1. Unsubscribing from emails seems to never end for me. My goal is for February to be dedicated to decluttering and organising. Will have to tackle that inbox – hehe.

    1. It so daunting! I’ve already done a few but the process just takes forever! Good luck and may our inboxes be less cluttered by March 1st!

      1. I started tackling it today and wow, it takes up a lot of time. Deleted lots of folders though so it’s looking much better. Still got some work to do but I think I’m over half way.

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