Currently {February}

Anticipating// Next Wednesday! My first day helping at the Omni-Parker!! (More on this to come!)

Feeling// A little stressed. My goal to not take a nap all of February is actually stressing me out. Thats when you know you have a napping problem.

Enjoying// A cup of delicious hazelnut coffee.

Making// A blogging schedule I can actually stick to!

Planning// In my Erin Condren Life Planner weekly!

Reminiscing// Over this picture! I could cry!

Buying// Nothing because I’m actually really poor.

Watching// Nothing new, just my usual shows!

Loving// Dumplings. I’ve been craving them non-stop!

Hoping// To get my nails done soon. They are a wreck!

Hating// Inconsiderate people.

Working on// Blog posts for the rest of the week! I think I have a really exciting one coming on Friday! I can’t wait to share!

Wishing// Someone would cook me breakfast.

Wanting// Oreo cookie cheese cake!

Needing// To go grocery shopping. I’m kind of out of everything except broccoli!

Doing// A lot of reorganizing of my desk.

Obsessing// Over one of my classes this semester! I’m so excited!

Accessorizing// I’m just not a huge accessory person. I usually just wear a scarf and earrings.

Answer a few in the comments!



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