Weekend Recap

Happy (??) Monday all! I hope you’re all enjoying your President’s Day off while I take two exams in one class because my professor is crazy 🙂 🙂

Anyway, this past weekend was a nice little getaway for me! I went home to celebrate my mom and stepdad’s birthdays! (They’re three days apart!) Although the short time away was awesome I’m now back at school stressed and a little homesick! Here’s a recap of my weekend!

Thursday night started off with me heading home for the weekend. I got home and did some homework until dinner. Then my mom, stepdad and I caught up on the first two episodes of The People Vs. O.J. Simpson! Definitely a must-watch even if I’m not impressed with the guy playing O.J. For all of you watching–Do you also giggle every time someone calls him “the Juice”? For some reason I think it’s so funny and I can’t stop laughing about it!  

Friday morning my mom and I went to breakfast and it was amazingggggg. I love breakfast food so much and I took full advantage of someone else cooking for me. I’m craving this meal again now :/

Then we went and got manicures with my grandmother! It was so fun and relaxing to have a little girl time with my two favorite people!

I had to go back to school for a sorority thing that night so I headed back after that and just relaxed until I had to go. After that I went and met up with my mom and some of her friends for food/drinks/karaoke. I love being 21!!

Saturday was my mom’s actual birthday so we went to my grandmother’s house for dinner and cake! Being with family is honestly just the best.   

Sunday I woke up and hung out with my family for a little bit until I had to get back to school to write a few papers and read a few books! The rest of the day was spent shivering in my apartment while doing a ton of homework! No valentines celebrations for me but definitely lots of laughing at this:

It was a pretty low-key weekend but I definitely needed it!


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