Weekend Recap (with barely any pictures) 

I’m not the biggest fan of Monday’s especially after a mostly relaxing weekend. I didn’t do much but I have a few things to share! Sorry there aren’t a lot of pictures! 

Friday started off with binge watching Fuller House obviously. It was super cheesy but I really liked it! 

I had been having a weird burning thigh pain since Thursday night and of course I googled my symptoms. Things like diabetes, stroke, blood clots, and amputation were popping up and I freaked out. I went to my university’s health clinic to get it checked just to ease my anxiety. 

Well after an hour of questions and examinations by two of the nurse practitioners they had no idea what was wrong. However, they thought I had a blood clot in my leg and sent me to the Mass General emergency room to get an ultrasound.

So I spent most of Friday in the ER. Luckily, it wasn’t a blood clot but it was Meralgia Paresthetica, a pinched sensory muscle, causing burning pains and uncomfortableness. There isn’t anything you can do but take ibeuprofin and hope it helps. It helped but my leg is still uncomfortable and it hurts to walk sometimes, especially when my pants rub against it. It can last for a day, two months, whenever. It’s not as bad as it was Friday but it’s still a bit uncomfortable at the moment! 

Saturday I spent the whole day in my sweats sitting on the couch doing homework. The doctor told me sitting at my desk could have been the cause of the leg pains so if I sat with it stretched out on the couch it could relieve some of the pain. I had my apartment to myself all weekend so I really took advantage of it by sitting on the couch hahah! 

I made a rice bowl and showered. Then, I went to bed. 

Sunday I woke up and had to go to the Paul Revere House in the North End. I decided to walk even though it was uncomfortable because my leg was so stiff from sitting on the couch all day. The walk wasn’t too painful but my leg was just super tight and needed to be stretched. 

 I came home, did more homework and then went to sorority meetings for the rest of the night! 

That was my weekend! I hope you all have an amazing week!


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