March Goals

How is it already the third month of 2016? Wasn’t it just NYE? Time sure does fly by!   

Let’s recap February’s Goals! 

1. Workout 2x a week // Nah whoops

2. No napping at all // I think I napped 6 days out of the 29 so I’m gonna say that’s a win for me!
3. Read 3 books // Ugh no :/ no time 
4. Post at least 8 times to TRLT // 7 times so that’s close! 

5. Try a yoga class // nope not at all

6. Unsubscribe from unecessary emails // yes!!!! Bye annoying emails!
7. Have a “me day” // yes! Kind of! 
8. Be extremely productive on weekdays // yeeeeeees kind of 

And now onto March!

1. Listen to more podcasts // I already listen to Serial! If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments! 

2. Finish all of the books on my Goodreads Currently Reading list // HP and the Goblet of Fire, Sister Carrie, Silas Lapham, Agnes Grey, and One Night Stands with American History

3. No Naps during the week // Weekends (Fri, Sat, and Sun) I can sleep all I want! 

4. One me night // I’ve said this before but if I don’t take a night to do nothing I burn out. Considering this happens often I should probably focus on me time a little more!

5. Try two new tea flavors // I love tea but usually stick to my tried and true flavors! I want to branch out a bit! 

6. Post 3x a week on here

7. No soda // Gave it up for lent and might as well finish off the whole month! 

What are some of your March goals?! 


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