June Goals

Okay how the heck is it already June?? Halfway through 2016 and only 8 days until my 22nd birthday?? HOW?! I can’t believe how fast time really does fly. Feels like I was just super sick with a sinus infection on NYE and now it’s hot out and I’m on summer break!
Anyway, as I try to better myself physically, mentally and emotionally throughout the year I find that writing out my monthly goals really does keep me more accountable. So, here are my June goals!

  1. Celebrate my 22nd Birthday in DISNEY! 
  2. Read 4 books 
  3. Meal prep the weeks I’m home 
  4. Do squats everyday 
  5. Go to two historic houses
  6. Do a craft or two
  7. Try a new recipe 
  8. Work out a few times 

What are some of your goals for the month? Share them in the comments!


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