Friday Love List: The First Edition

1. Died Too Young by Linda and Terry Jamison (The Psychic Twins) 

  • Whether you believe it or not, hearing what these Psychic Twins say about celebrities who passed away too soon is super interesting and kind of insane. But I’m a believer so I’m really into it! They talk to Michael Jackson, Cory Montieth, Nicole Brown Simpson, Natalie Wood and many others! 

2. My new Nike sneakers

3. This easy roasted asparagus recipe

4. Clothes that are mustard yellow

  • I’ve been obsessed with this color lately, and I know it’s more of a fall color than summer but I just can’t get enough of it. It’s literally all I want to buy/wear! 

5. History Goes Bump podcast

  • The best thing about this podcast is that it is a mix of two things I obsess over: history and the paranormal! Without dragging on for hours, the hosts give you an in depth lesson on certain places/items/events and then delve into the haunted happenings that go along with it! I just started listening recently so I’ve only had the chance to enjoy a few but you better believe it’s all I’ve been listening to! My favorite episode so far has been Haunted Disneyland! Check it out! 

6. One Tree Hill

  • My brother got me so into one tree hill and I’ve been watching it since! I’m obsessed and I’m always texting Devin about it (he never responds) but at least I have someone to vent all of my emotions to!

Make sure to share some of your weekly favorites in the comments below! 

If you watch One Tree Hill: Nathan or Lucas?

I’m only on season two and I keep flip flopping back and forth! I can’t decide

Favorite podcast you listen to?

Favorite vegetable to eat?

–Broccoli is my fave and I love asparagus too! Roast them and I’m even happier!

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