10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow!

Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms. I love seeing staged photos and even photos of every day life! Seeing those pictures are inspiring to me and I also love posting on mine! (Shameless plug, follow me!)

1. caitlinbea

>> A YouTuber I love to watch! Look at her aesthetic? It’s everything I wish my Instagram could look like but could never find the right filters/subjects to get this look. 

2. Cmcoving

>> fashion blogger who’s outfits give me serious style envy! Wish I could steal all of her clothes and throw them in my closet! 

3. Jlgarvin

>>Mom blogger who is everything I want to be when I have my own family! Her natural/girly Instagram theme is so pretty to look at and her daughters are adorable, too! 

4. Thedogist

>> Are you kidding me?? Dog instagrams literally give me life. I loveeeee looking at pictures of dogs and if I could only follow one account for the rest of my life it would probably be this. 

5. Masseya

>> My all-time favorite blogger! Amber posts the absolute cutest pictures of her daughters and this family is everything I aspire my future family to be and more! I can’t get over the preciousness that is her three daughters! 

6. Hellokatyxo

>>Another YouTuber who gives me serious aesthetic envy! I love how her pictures turn out and she will usually throw out a motivational quote or two throughout the week! Which is always definitely needed for me!

7. Meghanrienks

>>Meghan’s clean and crisp white theme makes me wish I had my life together and my home looked liked it belongs in a magazine. I’m obsessed with the white background look in pictures! 

8. Brunchesofboston

>> Makes me wish I could go to brunch for every meal every single day but sadly I can’t! However, brunches of Boston gives me great ideas for places to go and meals to get when I’m in the mood for brunch! Which lets face it, is every weekend!

9. Grapefruitandgold

>> Tips, tricks, advice and different ways to incorporate essential oils into your every day life! This account is really making me want to splurge on essential oils and join the bandwagon and one more cute post and I just might!

10. Justbadpuns

>> if you love puns then you will also love this Instagram account! I find myself scrolling when I need a good laugh and love reading these during short breaks at work!

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts? I’m always looking to follow new people so be sure to leave some profiles in the comments below!


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