Wednesday Rambles

It’s Wednesday!! I’m so happy to be half way through this week! Today is my last day of work, tomorrow is my birthday and Friday I leave for Disney! So although I had a rough start to my week things seem to be looking up!

Today was going to be a What I Ate Wednesday post but considering I barely ate yesterday and my dinner was a bag of popcorn so I figured it would be a boring (and very unhealthy post).

Instead, I feel like just rambling and venting so here it goes…

I woke up to this sign (and 21 more) hanging up all around my apartment. 

Since I’m going home and won’t be with my roommate for my birthday she decided to celebrate a day early 🙂 that sign was right next to me when I woke up… Considering how light of a sleeper I am I’m shocked I didn’t wake up while she was doing all of this 

A few more…

Is anyone else still struggling with really bad seasonal allergies? My eyes have been burning all day and I think the last time I was able to breathe out of my nose was around Christmas time…
My baby brother graduates high school tonight! I’m so proud of him, I’ll definitely be crying tonight. 
(This was right before his prom and just look how handsome he is! Come September he’ll be at the same school as me and I can’t wait!!)

This morning I found out Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert got divorced like last year. Honestly feeling so depressed about it right now. 

I could eat chocolate covered almonds every day for the rest of my life and never get sick of them. They’re just so delicious. 

If you’ve ever watched One Tree Hill please answer the following question: Nathan or Lucas?? I’m only on season two but I’ve totally switched from Lucas to Nathan! I have a feeling I’ll be flip-flopping back and forth throughout the entire series though.  

I made a separate Instagram for the blog! You can still follow me on my personal one, but the new one is for blog posts/updates/other things I want to share that don’t make the cut on my person insta! (So probably a lot more pictures a week!) follow me 😉 
Alrighty, I’m outta here for the day! Talk to you tomorrow! 


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