My Morning Routine

Mornings suck. There, I said it. I’ll be the first to admit that my current morning routine isn’t the most pleasant and surely doesn’t put me in the greatest of moods. But, it is necessary for me to make it to my full-time internship on time. So, I thought I would share my morning routine with you all. This isn’t a weekend routine, more of my work week routine. It’s not the most interesting, but here we go!

6:00am- First alarm goes off, I’m awake but wish I was still sleeping. I browse social media and catch up on my notifications.

6:15am- Second alarm goes off. I’m up and head into the bathroom to brush teeth, wash face, do bathroom things. The usual.

6:20am- Make coffee, a necessity for me. It doesn’t even wake me up anymore at this point in my life but I love the taste and look forward to it every day.

While I brew my coffee I get dressed. I have my clothes already picked out the night before.

outfits usually look something like this

6:30am- Sit down to put on some makeup. Usually I only do foundation, powder and mascara because I’m exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open. I drink my coffee and read some blog posts while doing this.

6:40am- Make breakfast. Usually waffles or something super easy. Again, I’m too tired to do something fancy.
6:45am- Sit and eat breakfast while reading blog posts. I usually FaceTime my mom during this time too.

7:00am- Finish breakfast, clean up.

7:05am- Kind of a weird one but I always have to use my nasal spray before I leave for work or I’ll have horrible allergies all day. 

7:08am- Finish up coffee for a few minutes

7:15am- Grab whatever else I need and put it in my bag, throw on my shoes, grab my lunch out of the fridge, shut off the lights.

7:20am- Head out the door!

What is a typical morning routine for you? 


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