Love List 3: Disney Edition

As you read this I’ll be flying back home in Massachusetts from the most magical place on earth. Disney was amazing and has so many incredible things to offer! Here are some of my favorite things from my vacation! 

1. My first roller coaster experience

  • Test Track in Epcot was the first ever real roller coaster I’ve gone on and it was a great introduction into what Disney rides have to offer! Fast, but not too fast. And very fun! 

2. Disney Starbucks Cups 

  • Kind of hard to see in this picture but the little details they put into absolutely EVERYTHING in this park is astounding! 

3. Rapunzel Magic Band Decal 

4. Crown ring

  • We bought matching crown rings to remember how incredible this trip has been! (Bet you can’t guess which nails are mine?? #rapunzel) 

5. Meeting Gaston

  • Please go and meet Gaston if you visit Magic Kingdom! He is hysterical and if you ask to take a selfie with him he just blocks out your fave because you’re not as pretty as him!

Stay tuned for a Disney recap post (maybe multiple) coming in the next few days! 

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