Love List {5}

Happy Saturday and start of your 4th of July weekend! It’s my favorite weekend of the summer and it just means we’re getting closer and closer to Christmas 😉

 As I write this I’m laying in bed elevating my sprained ankle and sniffling/coughing due to a throat infection. Hopefully, I’ll start feeling better ASAP. 

Here is my weekly love list! As always, make sure to play along in the comments below and tell me some of your weekly obsessions!

1. The Fosters

  • I’m so glad this show is back on again! I’ve been watching since it premiered and it’s only gotten better (unlike Pretty Little Liars, but I’ll save that for a whole different blog post). The storylines keep you interested and it’s so easy to fall in love with the characters!

2. Energy Vitamin Water

  • My favorite flavor of vitamin water and usually the only one I’ll even drink! I love the way the tropical citrus flavor tastes and it isn’t over powering! 

3. Red Sox Playing Cards

  • I have no idea where my brother got these but I’m obsessed! Each card has a different player from the Red Sox past/present and it’s so funny to see the crazy charicatures while playing a card game! 

4. Daily Celebrity Crossword

  • My mom got me into this game and now I play it every night before I go to sleep! It’s really fun and you learn different fun facts you may have not known! It’s free in the APP store, too!

5. Creating a Life you Love

  • Post written by Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers (one of my favorite blogs!) 

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