Disney Recap–Photos/Memories!

So I’ve been back from Disney for a few weeks now and I’m still going through a Disney Depression™. I want to share my pictures and tidbits because I personally want to remember this forever and ever!

Day 1: Arriving and Disney Springs
Day one started with my first plane ride without my mom (and only the second plane ride I’ve ever been on). I was a bit nervous but once I was on it I was okay. We went to lunch at CeCe’s and did some food shopping before checking into our Air BnB. Once there, we unpacked a bit, got ready and headed out to Disney Springs where it down poured and we were soaked. Disney Springs was AMAZING! We went home, and I passed out after a long day.

Day 2: Epcot
Epcot started off bright and early and it was HOT out. Test Track was the first ride of the day and my first Disney ride ever! I was so excited and a little nervous because I wasn’t sure if I would even like rides, luckily, I did!

It was National Speak Like a Whale Day in celebration of Finding Dory coming out at the end of the week! We rode the Nemo ride, looked at some Sea animals, drank coffee (the Starbucks cups had cute Disney designs on it, Watched some Pixar Shorts, met Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, Aladdin and Jasmine, and then headed to the World Showcase!

The World Showcase was SO cool! We got some Ale in London, ate some amazing food in France, a Margarita (that was STRONG and gross) in Mexico, and bought my Nonna a gift in Italy! Then we watched the Fireworks show and headed home for the night.

Day 3: Animal Kingdom

I was most excited to go to Animal Kingdom and ride Everest so when it was finally time I was so excited! We started the day with a Kilimanjaro Safari Ride and saw some animals, rode Everest and Dinosaur. We watched Festival of the Lion King and it was INCREDIBLE, so worth it! It was incredibly hot that day and after walking around a little more, we decided we were done for the day (Animal Kingdom can be done in a short amount of time, if you plan correctly) and we headed home for lunch.

We headed back to Disney Springs that night in hopes that it wouldn’t downpour again. Luckily, it didn’t and we did some shopping before heading home and getting ready for the next day!

Day 4: Universal

Universal was a LONG day we were there from open until close and even though it was super hot and long, it was an incredible day. I got to go to Harry Potter world and if you know me, you know that was a dream come true for me! We did some other stuff while at Universal but I was just so excited for HP world that’s all I really remember!

Butterbeer was amazing, the rides were SO fun and I got to see Harry, Ron and Hermione and it was just so incredible. Gringotts was gorgeous and the goblins looked so cool. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes was so cool and I’m just so in love with it.

Day 5: Hollywood Studios
There are three things I really remember about HS and it was Tower of Terror, Fantasmic, and Rockin Rollercoaster! We ate at Mama Melrose’s and it was INCREDIBLE. The food was so delicious and the drink I got was so so good I want it right now.

Fantasmic was absolutely incredible and I wish I could see it every night forever.


Day 6: Magic Kingdom

As you can imagine, Magic Kingdom was magical I had always dreamed of going and finally was able to experience it. We rode rides, met characters, walked a lot, and watched two parades. It was so fun and I must go back again soon! The best part of the day was meeting my favorite princess, Rapunzel! I kind of freaked out a bit but its okay. In Disney, everyone is a kid!

It was such an amazing trip and I’m so sad it’s over. I can’t wait to go back and experience Disney for many more years to come!



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