Currently {July}

Anticipating// school to start! I know it’s only July but I seriously can’t wait to be back in school! 

Feeling// Sick, still. It’s been a good two weeks now and only today do I feel slightly better as in my throat isn’t on fire anymore. Still can’t breathe and ears won’t stop popping though. 

Enjoying// Hazelnut coffee, as usual! In a Christmas mug, while using a Christmas blanket. I love Christmas in case you couldn’t tell?? 

Making// Plans for after graduation! Finally ha! 

Planning// future blog posts! Let me know if there is anything in particular you want to see!

Reminiscing// Over this past 4th of July! Even though I was super sick it was still a fun day of family, food and seeing my best friend!

Buying// Nothing at the moment. Hoping to buy a few books soon, once I finish a few I’ve already started!

Watching// One Tree Hill! It’s so good! Are you a Nathan or Lucas person? I switch back and forth but right now I love Nathan! 

Loving// My family! 

Hoping// To go to Target soon. AKA my happy place! 

Hating// all the hate and violence in this world. It’s so sad. 

Working on// Keeping up with my blog schedule! I’m nervous it might not happen when school starts but I’m trying! 

Wishing// I wasn’t sick and my ankle wasn’t sprained lol

Wanting// Pizza bagels!! So so bad! 

Needing// To go grocery shopping. I’m kind of out of everything except broccoli!

Doing// Elevating my sprained ankle lol

Obsessing// Over Pinterest again! I go through phases of using it and not using it. Make sure to follow me! 

Accessorizing// My usual: necklace, earrings, bracelet. Jewelry kind of bothers me in the summer and I always find myself taking it off 

Answer a few in the comments!


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