2016 Resolutions Update

I always make resolutions for the New Year and now that 2016 is halfway over I thought it would be interesting to check in.

Here were my 2016 resolutions:

  1. PERSONAL: Be happier, take better care of myself.
    I go through phases with this, but so far, I do feel happier for the most part!
  2. FITNESS: Buy a fitbit, lose weight.
    Still never bought a fitbit and losing weight is hard. I’m not good at this

  3. BOOKS: Read 52 Books, Keep up with Paper and Glam book club
    I’ve read over 20 books so far and I’m reading some of the P&G books!

  4. ORGANIZATION: Spreads every week, organize life
    EC spreads were going well until June and I got bored of making my own stickers. Life is kind of organized, still working on it.

  5. SCHOOL: Get at least 3 A’s both semesters
    This isn’t over yet but so far so good!

  6. LIFE: Picture a day
    Nope. Whoops. I’ll try and do it from now on.

  7. BLOG: Blog more on set schedule
    Recently, I’ve been doing okay with this! Trying to keep it up!

  8. MONEY: Get a job, SAVE $, 52 weeks savings plan
    No to the savings plan, probably no to saving money lol.

  9. LEARN: Learn as much about history as possible.
    I’ve been working on this! I love love love taking time out to learn about something I’m truly interested in and passionate about!

  10. Take a “Me” day once a month
    Yessssss, and I’m going to keep it up!

So this is my 2016 resolution update! How are you doing so far? Let’s talk in the comments!



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