August Goals

Happy August! I can’t even believe summer is almost over but I’m so ready for fall weather and the best time of the year! Let’s talk goals for the month!

1. Get all of my school supplies organized // most of it was just thrown all over my desk when the semester ended so I need to reorganize. 

2. Read 4 books // I need to get some good reads in before school starts! I don’t get to read as much during the school year so I need to finish summer out with some enjoyable reads! 

3. Get rid of clothes I don’t want // I’m really over a lot of the clothes I own, so I want to go through them and donate things I know I won’t be wearing anymore. 

4. Tour two historic houses // it’s just something fun I want to make more time for. 

5. Stick to my blog schedule // I’ve been doing okay with this so I just need to plan and I know I can do it! 

6. Finish One Tree Hill // I’m on season 7 and so far I’m not a huge fan of the new characters. Let’s see if I start to like it 

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