Meeting My Favorite Author // Colleen Hoover

So last night was a pretty great night. I had the opportunity to meet my favorite author on the day of her newest book release and it was an awesome night! 

Brookline Booksmith Hosted the event and they did a great job. The event was organized and so fun. 

When we arrived we picked up our copy of her newest book It Ends With Us and got a free magnet to go along with it! 

I’m still currently reading the book (I fell asleep while reading it last night) so no spoilers here! But, it does take place in Boston so it’s pretty special in my eyes! 

Colleen finally came out and did a Q & A with us. I was too nervous to ask a question so I just listened to her talk about writing and her novels and honestly I was so in awe. 

After the Q & A she did a book signing and pictures! I had my copy of It Ends With Us signed and bought a hard copy of my favorite novel of hers, Hopeless, and had that signed too! 

We talked for a minute or so and she called me adorable so like I was super excited. 

After the awesome event I came home and read until I couldn’t keep my eyes opened! I plan on finishing in the next few hours! 

Thanks for an amazing night, Colleen! 


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