If You Could Only Pick One

I was browsing through some of my post ideas and stumbled upon this “If you could only pick one” survey that B loved Boston (Biana) had done earlier in July and knew I wanted to do it right away! I love reading these kinds of posts because it helps you get to know the person behind the blog! So without further ado…The If You Could Only Pick One… Survey!declaration-lilac

wear one outfit
// I’d probably choose jean shorts, a tee and a flannel over it with my white converse.

have one style icon // Hmmm I’m not sure. However, I’m obsessed with Erin from Living in Yellow‘s fashion sense!shop at one store // This is an easy one… Target for the win!

carry one handbag // I actually really hate carrying purses. I’d rather not have to carry anything at all. But if I had to choose one, I guess it would be the one I’m carrying now from Target. I have it in the color Cognac because I think it’s the perfect fall color.

use one skincare product // Maracuja oil from Tarte! Amazing for the skin. Smells horrible, but works so well!wear one scent // I honestly love the scent of Warm Vanilla sugar from Bath and Body Works as a lotion. So I guess that would be my choice! indulge in one spa treatment // A full body massage– always!

apply one lipstick color // To be completely honest I’m not one to wear lip colors that often. I’d much rather chapstick because it keeps my lips moisturized.

order one drink // Alcoholic– Pina Colada. Non-Alcoholic– Water or ginger alepick one flower // Lilacs. The scent, the color, the look…Love always!

apply one mascara // They’re Real by Benefit is my all-time favorite mascara! It is actually the perfect mascara! I will always go back to this.do one workout // I’m not the best at sticking to a workout/workout schedule (especially since spraining my ankle) but I guess I would choose the elliptical.read one author // Are you even kidding me?! Colleen Hoover is my favorite author and I’m constantly reading and re-reading her novels! I met her last week, by the way. You can read about that here!live by one quote // b9acf5b7db208bb259062da0af170e67Answer a few in the comments below so I can get to know you a little better!Happy Sunday, Friends!XOINSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST | FACEBOOK

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