Life Lately // IPhone Photos

I feel like I haven’t shared a bunch of pictures from this summer here yet. I know I like these kinds of posts because it’s just another way to back up some of my favorite pictures that haven’t been put into other posts yet! 

I’m pretty sure a lot of these are from the past two-three months! So, let’s take a look at how my life has been so far this summer!

Did we talk about my brother graduating high school yet? Probably. But just incase, he did it! And in just a few short weeks he’s off to college! Luckily we’ll be attending the same school so he better hang out with me! 

And here’s a throwback to my high school graduation! My hair was so long and I need it back. Also, it’s funny how I thought I looked so fat in this picture and now I look at it and wish I was still this skinny! 

My Omni Parker house documentary was premiered at the hotel and was such a cool experience! It was definitely the highlight of my college career thus far! 

And if you’re wondering what my favorite drink is on hot summer days it’s definitely this. Tastes like juice, just the way I like my alcohol to taste 🙂 

Oh and my dogs have just been chilling too. I don’t think they like summer to much. I notice they get crazy when our AC isn’t on. Maybe they’re just like me! 

Toby is just like me because he’s so lazy, like momma like son am I right? 

My Nonna turned 83 on August 3 and we celebrated her with dinner and ice cream cake! Just what she wanted!

Devin also had his graduation party and it was a long day of prep and entertaining but fun too! 

And besides working in the daycare every day, that’s pretty much it!


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