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Move in day is coming up fast and trust me when I say that these last few days before you leave for school will fly by. After four years of college (and a fifth starting soon) I’d say I’m pretty much an expert on all things dorm. Today, I’m sharing 9 Dorm Essentials that you will definitely need while living away from home!


  • Bedding is super important and ties together your whole room. You can base your whole theme off of your bedding. Although I love the look of white bedding (and used it my junior year) it isn’t the best for a dorm room. You will spill things on it, you will forget to take off your makeup before you nap and it will get all over it. Stick to something with a cute pattern and pretty colors!
  • Brita for water is essential, guys! Trust me. When your dining hall closes and you’re extremely thirsty you will be so grateful to have cold, fresh, and clean water!
  • If you are going to use a shower caddy, make sure it is a plastic one! The fabric ones take forever to dry and aren’t as easy to clean as the plastic ones.
  • Tupperware is a life savor. I would always use it to store leftover veggies from the dining hall that I could snack on throughout the day/night.
  • I’ve been sleeping with a fan on for as long as I can remember and have been using this exact one since my freshman year. I love it and it keeps me cool at night.
  • A place to hang your keys and leave your mail is really handy. You will never lose your keys if you remember to hang them up!
  • Obviously, you will be doing your own laundry, so you will be needing a laundry hamper to collect all of your dirty clothes. Get one with handles so it’s easy to carry back and forth from the laundry room to your dorm room!
  • A small trash bin is perfect to store under your desk so you can throw away papers and whatever else you have in your room. However, I suggest not throwing food away in your small waste basket because it will make your room smell.
  • And lastly, storage is always needed! These three drawer bins can fit under a lofted bed and are perfect for pretty much anything! Invest in bins and baskets to store all of your little items!
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What else do you think you will need in your dorm room?! Comment some of your essentials down below!



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