Currently {August}

Anticipating// Work on Monday, but not in a good way. Its been a nice vacation week!

Feeling// Tired, as usual.

Enjoying// Some of the new makeup I bought yesterday.

Making// A blog schedule for the next few months. Almost done!

Planning// How I want to reorganize all of my stuff when I go back to my apartment.

Reminiscing// Over the past four years of college. I’m so grateful I have another year.

Buying// Makeup! And some desk organization things!

Watching// Still One Tree Hill. Can’t get through season 7.

Loving// Toby’s new haircut. He just looks so little and cute.

Hoping// To eat some good food tonight.

Hating// Skit youtube videos. All of my old favorites barely make beauty videos anymore and it’s so upsetting. If you have any beauty youtuber suggestions leave them in the comments!

Working on// Packing up all of my stuff to move back to school.

Answer a few in the comments!



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