Fall Semester Goals

fall semester goals

I have two weeks until my Fall semester starts and I’m counting down the minutes! I absolutely love school and cannot wait to be back and get to the grind! You all know I love making goals so of course I need to make some for the upcoming semester!

  1. Stay Organized
    I’m pretty good at staying organized throughout the whole semester but I don’t want to slack on this, so I’m using this as a reminder to always stay organized
  2. Do well
    I’m not a bad student, I take pride in my good grades and will always try my hardest to keep them up. I just want to
  3. Re-organize my desk
    My desk is an unorganized mess because the drawer broke and it always falls out. I’m hoping to fix the drawer so I don’t have to buy a new desk!
  4. Have a library day at least once a week
    I do my best work when I’m sitting with all of my stuff at the Library so if I can have a library day once a week to get ahead on all of my stuff I should be golden.
  5. Keep up with my blog
    School is always so busy but I’m really determined to keep up my blogging schedule!
  6. Do one thing every day that makes me happy
    Whether its read some of a book, write a blog post, go for a walk, watch an episode of a tv show, anything. Make sure I do something like this once a day so I stay sane.
  7. Eat out less
    I’m the laziest person in the world, especially when it comes to cooking. But, I’m determined to meal prep more often so I’m eating out less.
  8. Have fun
    Sometimes school can be so stressful but this is really my last year as a college student, so I want to make the most of every single day because I know I’m going to miss it when it ends.

What are some of your semester goals?



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