Currently {September}

Anticipating// Tomorrow. A whole day of nothing but relaxing and doing things around the apartment. I love days like that.

Feeling// A little unmotivated at the moment.

Enjoying// My new classes! They’re all really interesting and I can tell I’m going to learn so much this semester!

Making// A weekend to-do list. I have soooo much I need to accomplish.

Planning// In my cute planner from Target that I’ve been loving. I do miss my Erin Condren planner and decorating it every week but it just wasn’t functional for school. I’ll definitely go back after I graduate.

Reminiscing// On the days where my mom cooked me dinner every night. I really hate cooking for myself.

Buying// Groceries, hopefully.

Watching// Still One Tree Hill. Can’t get through season 7. — My answer from August and it’s still my answer for September. But all of my shows are coming back soon so I’m so excited!

Loving// My desk set up. It’s so functional and cute and it makes me want to sit and study.

Hoping// To not take a nap today but, we will see…

Hating// How much I have to clean this weekend.

Working on// Homework. All. of. the. time.

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