TRLT This Week {Recruitment Week Edition}

Hey friends! Happy first Sunday of October! My favorite month is finally here and I can’t wait to do all of the fall things this month! 

This past week was my sorority’s recruitment week (also known as the week I got 11 hours of sleep total) and it’s been a loooong but fun week! I stayed at school super late almost every night (I’m talking 11, 12, 1 am) working on things and was go-go-go non-stop! I’m kind of looking forward to Tuesday where everything slows down a ton. 

So, let’s recap this week! This may be a long post because this was such a jam packed week! 

S U N D A Y {September 24, 2016}

Sunday consisted of getting random things done until our Recruitment/Crafting retreat and then out to dinner for a fundraiser with some of my sisters! I got home around 8 and decided to skip the Once Upon A Time premiere to do some homework and headed to bed. 

M O N D A Y {September 26, 2016}

I started the day off at work and did some homework until class. Then, it was time to get ready for night one of recruitment! I went to grab a few last minute things with my sister Brenna and then we ordered pizza from this place that makes thin crust pizza we had never been to before. I forget the name but it was delicious and I need to go back! We had our info session with our potential new members and then ran over to another campus building for our weekly eboard and chapter meetings. I got home around 10 and was up super late studying for a test the next morning. 

T U E S D A Y {September 27, 2016}

I woke up and ran to class to take the test I studied for all night. I got home after class and decided to nap for a bit because I barely slept the night before. After that I headed to my second class of the day, ran and grabbed dinner and then went to set up for night two of recruitment! Our theme was Greek Goddesses so we all wore white dresses this night! 

W E D N E S D A Y {September 28, 2016}

Wednesday mornings start out just like Monday and once I was out of class I ran to TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Primark looking for an autumn jacket and did not find one I liked at all. After that I ran home to grab a few things, then met up with another sister for sushi before night 3 began. We had our first round of voting after and I was at school until after midnight. I got home and didn’t fall asleep until 4 because I was just so overtired and emotional so I couldn’t sleep. 

T H U R S D A Y  {September 29, 2016}

Me and a few sisters spent all of Thursday prepping for our Bid Day celebration. We went shopping, bought crafting supplies, grabbed lunch at Panera, and headed back to school to start crafting canvases for our new members. We made a different one for each canvas even though we didn’t even know how many new girls would accept their bids! After that was some more sorority stuff, our second round of voting, and then a few of us stayed at school until 1am finishing up the canvases and goody bags. 

F R I D A Y {September 30, 2016}

Finally Bid Day!! We got there around two to set up and it was honestly such a blast! Our theme was NFL and everything just came out so perfect! So many of us put blood, sweat and tears into this week (especially tears) and it just all came together in the end! I went to grab some food with two of my sisters after, came home around 10 and watched Shameless until I passed out around 4 am! (Like I said my sleep schedule is all sorts of messed up right now).

S A T U R D A Y {October 1, 2016}

Saturday was rough. My anxiety was acting up and I literally stayed in bed most of the day. I guess the extra rest was needed but I barely got anything done so I felt a little useless! I guess sometimes you just need a chill day after an insanely busy week, right?! 

Well that’s it for this week! Hope you all enjoyed this peek into TPA’s recruitment week! 


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