Some Random Thoughts

Hello again, Sunday! Today is such an exciting day for me! Tonight is my sorority’s Big/Little reveal and I’m getting a little! I’m so excited and can’t wait to share all of the details with you tomorrow! Until then, let’s just do a random thoughts post, shall we?

  1. I’m so happy it’s the holiday season. This is seriously my favorite time of year and the weather and fall activities make me feel so great.
  2. I decided that my future house will have a Tiffany Blue door, just like this one in Beacon Hill.
  3. I’ve been catching up on the Vampire Diaries because the 8th and final season started on Friday. I left off in the middle of season 7 so I only have a few episodes left to be caught up. Anyone else who watches agree that Caroline and Klaus need to be endgame? And I’m LOVING Bonnie and Enzo together!
  4. Do you follow me on Pinterest? If not, you should! I’m always pinning things so check it out!
  5. My LL Bean slippers are so worn out and I need to either get a new pair or have someone fix them. I wear them constantly and miss how soft they were when I first got them.
  6. I haven’t been able to read as much since school started because I’m so busy. I want to try and make more time for pleasurable reads!
  7. It’s almost Halloween and I still have no idea what I’m being yet. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, am I right?

That’s all for today! See you tomorrow!




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