November Goals


HAPPY HALLOWEEN FRIENDS! It is finally the spookiest day of the year and I cannot believe October is over! Time is such a thief. I’m ready to tackle November and get ready for the HOLIDAYS! If you know me you know that I’m overly obsessed with Christmas…and it’s almost here!

Lets talk goals for the month, shall we?

  1. Stop biting my nails
    This is my worst habit and I need to stop. I always go through phases of not biting/biting
  2. Create my Christmas time bucket list/printable
    I made a fall bucket list and now I need to make a christmas one!
  3. Plan all Blogmas posts and have half pre-written
    I plan on actually doing and completing Blogmas this year (a post every day in December) and I have some really fun ideas so I’m hoping I can have this all planned and ready to be posted, especially when finals come around.
  4. Bake Something
    I just need to bake something, even if it’s something as simple as cookies. I see so many great ideas on Pinterest that I need to try.
  5. Exercise 3x a week
    3 times for 30-45 minutes a week is nothing! I waste so much time just sitting around or watching youtube videos, I might as well use that time to be healthier.
  6. Keep up with my bullet journal
    I started a bullet journal and I’m obsessed so far! If you have any spread ideas let me know!
  7. Read for 30 minutes every day
    Whether it be a book for pleasure or a book for school, I know reading every day will only benefit me. And, I love reading, so this will help me get back on track.
  8. Read 3 books
    I wanna get through a few this month and I think reading for 30 minutes every day will definitely help! Plus, I have Thanksgiving Break this month so I’ll have about a week and a half to read!

What are some of your goals for the month? Let’s chat in the comments!



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