25 Christmas Blog Post Ideas

THE HOLIDAYS ARE UPON US, MY FRIENDS! Can you tell I’m over the moon excited?! I’ve been prepping for Blogmas and thought it would be fun to share some random blog post ideas for you to post throughout the month of December!


  1. What would be your ideal snow day?
  2. Share your Christmas Playlist
  3. Answer a holiday themed survey
  4. Share pictures of Christmas pasts and tell the story of those pictures!
  5. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
  6. Share your Christmas list
  7. Share a gift guide
  8. Holiday Bucket List
  9. Share some of your favorite holiday pins
  10. Share a list of all the books you’ve read this year
  11. Favorite Christmas movies
  12. Bake Christmas cookies, decorate them, and share the photos
  13. Post a list of your favorite vlogmas vloggers
  14. Give us a tour of you holiday decorations
  15. Show us your favorite ornament and tell us why it’s your favorite
  16. Christmas decor haul
  17. Best Winter coats for your area
  18. Share your favorite Christmas candles
  19. The best Christmas gift you’ve ever received
  20. Favorite ugly Christmas sweaters
  21. Favorite Christmas activities
  22. Write a letter to Santa Claus
  23. Possible outfits to wear to a holiday party
  24. What is your favorite thing to do during Christmastime?
  25. Why do you love this time of year?

If you write any posts relating to these topics make sure to send me the link in the comments, on instagram or tweet them to me! i can’t wait to read your responses! (links to social media are below)



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