December Goals | Blogmas 1

The last month of the year, holyyyyyyyyyy time! I cannot believe it’s December! It blows my mind how fast this year went by. Anyway, it’s the greatest month of the year, so let’s kick it off with bang!


  1. Take Biotin every day
    I completed 60 days of Hair, Skin and Nails a while back and at the end my hair had grown a ton! So, I want to do it again to get my hair to grow a bit more
  2. Read 5 books
    Christmas Break means tons of time to read! I’m excited to have some downtime from school and enjoy myself with a good book!
  3. Make a study guide for all of my finals
    Self-explanatory. I want to be prepared for all of my finals before the night before!
  4. Do something active every day
    Excluding Christmas eve, Christmas day and the day after Christmas cause I’m super busy on those days.
  5. Prep an exciting “project” for 2017!
    More info coming ASAP! It may be fun for you, too!
  6. Get 250 followers on my Instagram
    Slow but steady, am I right?!
  7. Enjoy the holiday season!
    It’s my favorite time of year and I just want to enjoy every moment!


What are some of your December goals?! Share them in the comments!



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