4 More Sleeps… | Blogmas 21

I’m sitting by my Christmas tree with my two dogs and I’m trying to figure out how this month went by in a flash. 

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas and I’ve barely had time to enjoy the season. My family was thrown a curve ball in the beginning of December and it definitely put a damper in my holiday spirit. Which is weird because I have a LOTTT of Christmas cheer in me. But not this year. It’s been hard.

So now I’m trying to fit in as many movies as I can within the next few days, finish all of my shopping and wrapping and enjoying holiday activities! 

Tonight’s movies/specials include A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph’s Shiny New Year and the rest of Christmas Vacation because I fell asleep watching it last night! 

I can’t believe Santa will be here in just 4 more sleeps! I still love this time of year! 


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